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Free to play interactive fiction adventure

What is a Guardian?

The Maori world view guardianship/kaitiakitanga means protection, preservation or sheltering where there is kinship between humans and the natural world. 


A guardian or kaitiaki is a person who is recognised by the people of a tribal group/Iwi and this person acts as the carer or protector of their assigned area such as a lake or forest or special valued items.

Who is the Guardian?

The people of a tribal settlement in Fiordland are protected by guardians and one guardian, Maia, lives outside the settlement, in the forest as she protects the Pa from hostile outside forces.  Her duty is not only to protect the people but to ensure the forest and its beings are also protected.

Her strength, her speed and her ability to speak with birds have always set her apart from others.  As a guardian she is tolerated.  As a woman she is feared.

Guardian - Interactive Fiction

Maia's story is being told across multiple platforms, the first story being told through two interactive fiction apps.  

Guardian Ep 1 introduces the audience to Maia's world as she embarks on a journey to save her friend.

  • Guardian Ep 1 - Released

  • Guardian Ep 2 - Launch May 2021

Guardian - Platformer Game

Following on from Episode 1 and 2, this game takes the player on new challenges and quests and unravels more mystery of the world Maia inhabits.

This game is not only a test of Maia's physical strengths but a test of her Mana (spiritual power) and Mauri (life force)

"Guardian Maia" is currently in the design phase and will be a platform game where the player controls Maia through her adventure.


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