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About Guardian Maia

Guardian Maia is a hybrid historical/science-fiction story that draws on the mythology of the Māori culture in Aotearoa, New Zealand.


Guardian Maia is also a global story and taps into the universal human need to belong and understand the mysteries of the world.

Indigenous storytelling as culture-based games are hugely influential and are a powerful outlet for engagement and learning. 


Although a fictional story, Guardian Maia offers an authentic representation of the Māori culture and allows the player to explore while enjoying the gameplay experience.  

Follow our journey as we continue to create and build our action adventure experience.


Check out our free to play gamebooks which tells the background story to our game. 

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Guardian Maia Cinematic 

We are currently building our action adventure game in the Unreal engine and as part of our development journey we made a cinematic to promote our story.  


Guardian Maia will be an exciting adventure game where the player controls Maia through an epic adventure. 


This story follows on from Episode 1 and 2, this game takes the player on new challenges and quests and unravels more mystery of the world Maia inhabits.


Download our free to play gamebooks Guardian Maia Episode 1 and 2

Interactive Fiction
Guardian Maia Episode 1

Maia's story is being told across multiple platforms, the first story being told through two interactive fiction apps.  

Guardian Maia Ep 1 introduces the audience to Maia's world as she embarks on a journey to save her friend.

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Guardian Maia Episode 2

The conclusion to Episode 1 is now available.

Find out what happens once Maia reaches the dystopian region of Te Whenua Tapu.  Will Maia unravel the mystery of this new land and find her friend Anika?

  • Google Play free to play available now

  • App Store coming soon

Download Ep2 App Store
Download Ep2 Google Play

Download our free to play game Waehere.  Learn about coding concepts with Maia.

Waehere featuring Maia

Take on the role of our Māori heroine Maia as she re-activates Tahuna, a broken dystopian regenerative city hub, through easy to learn programming style puzzles.

Visit the website for more information 

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