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the competition is  closed.  thank you to all that entered.


  • Comment 'enter' if you wish to enter the draw and make sure you follow us - if you don't follow us you are not eligible

  • Like and share our post

  • Mention your friends in the comments

You must be 13 years and older to enter or have parental permission.

If you win the draw you will need to:


Contact us within 7 days of the draw or a new draw will be made.

Supply us with a high resolution photo of your face from the front and side view and that's it.

We will make a 3D character based on your likeness and you will feature in a TikTok video that we will share on our page.  We can't guarantee the 3D character will look exactly like you but it will be very close.  

We will not use your photo's for anything else but for this purpose only.

Entering this competition doesn't mean you will be in the final game, it is for a TikTok video only.

By entering and winning the competition you agree that we can use your likeness in a TikTok video however be aware that the video may be shared across multiple social media sites not necessarily by us. 

If you do not agree to this please don't enter.

We will share updates with you before we publish.


Please don't request the video use violence or anything else that goes against TikTok community guidelines.  We are really good at making content and we will make sure the video is made in an appropriate way. 

You can request that the video be removed from public view 7 days after we publish it.

TikTok has not sponsored this contest and is not liable in its administration.

By entering you agree to the terms and conditions.


Now go... enter to be in to win

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